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Roger Howland

Chief Recruiting Officer and CEO leads The Job Dr. team to record setting levels, placing professionals in key roles in the software and computer industry.
Recognized as a leader in the Technology Recruiting Industry since 1987. Prior to founding The Job Dr.(1996), Roger Howland was Corporate Vice President for a National Staffing Company. He has directed placements of over $100 million in salaries in technology and management positions.
In the past we have been tapped by Business 2.0 and Information Week500. The Job Dr., Inc. has been selected by Goldline Research as One of the 10 Most Dependable™ Recruiting and Staffing Firms in California. "I am excited to share a press release about us, for a change, we are very enthusiastic with the recent Audemars Piguet Replica accolade published by Goldline Research, LLC." Below is one of the ?€?fun examples?€? of the real-life effects we had with one ?€?Local Firm.?€? Of course we have seen ?€?varying results?€? with the 250+ technology, computer and software firms who have chosen us as their ?€?talent agent?€? of choice:
Local man hires through The Job Dr. and sells Company for $84 million
Stuart McClure came by my office at The Job Dr., in August 1999. He had just finished working on a book on Network Security, he apologized that he did not have a copy from the publisher (ISBN 0-07-212127-0) until the following Tuesday to show me. However, he asked if we could talk about hiring some key talent to start a company. We helped find great talent. The company; Foundstone. Fast forward: on Oct. 4, 2004, McAfee, Inc. completed the acquisition of Foundstone, Inc. for $86 million in cash. It was an honor to contribute to their success. Fast forward to today. The Job Dr., your 'friend in the business', drives Technical Recruiting in the talent market from our Orange County office. Many of you have been friends and clients since we opened in Aliso Viejo, CA in February 1996. I wanted to let you know of our availability for new assignments.
The Job Dr. helps small group of bright guys hire, more than double in 2 years ~ tremendous IPO

The Job Dr. Inc. has recently been involved in a large retained search project, which required most of our attention for the past 24 months. We have, very successfully completed each of the positions assignments.

The local searches for this Orange County based client were challenging and the results gratifying. They grew the technology base of 22 to over 50. Most here in Irvine and a few nationwide positions, Washington, Texas, Virginia and Irvine. Good for us? Yes, but what is the take away for the client? Their recent IPO was quite a success! (if I can brag just a little - OK, enough) Really, we realize it is great candidates with super talent that make us look good!

Most often positions we fill start as one or two at a time and the concentration is someone that is technically sharp and fits the matrix of the company.

Every position has become ?€?critical mass,?€? especially in small to medium size companies. Knowledge and innovation-based firms face a competitive survival race, everyone counts, there is no room for excess, and each employee makes a unique and significant contribution. Talent is an essential in the competitive and dynamic market today.

As an invited speaker and panelists at the InformationWeek 500 Annual Conference, Roger Howland speaks on recruiting strategy with some of the world?€?s largest technology innovators and Fortune 500 firms. At for the other end of the employment spectrum, in a cover story Business 2.0 "Startup Advice: Hire the best talent?€? echoed similar strategy, and listed The Job Dr. as a top source for locating the best talent quickly. Recognized for a milestone, placing $250 million in salaries, Howland recently cited a memorable search assignment: ?€?Local man hires through The Job Dr. and sells Company for $84 million?€? but added ""Your results may vary.?€?
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